Something is wrong with me....

That’s what I thought for so long. For years people would tell me I am too emotional, that I cry too much. And you know what? It made me feel that something was wrong with me. I am too emotional, too sensitive, not strong enough, so weird. I cry at every movie that even remotely shows something tough for a child or an animal. I get overwhelmed when I am around certain people and sometimes also when in crowds. The news completely depresses me. I feel all sorts of feelings and I don’t even know why. What is wrong with me?!?


Have you felt this way too?


Well, let me tell you something… there is NOTHING wrong with YOU!!!! You are amazing just as you are. One word may be able to explain all of this … EMPATH. 


Empath is defined by Cambridge Dictionary as “a person who has an unusually strong ability to feel other people’s emotional or mental states”. It comes from the word empathy which is when you understand and can identify with other people’s experiences, thoughts and feelings. Having empathy for someone is such an amazing way to connect and support them. It helps you to understand where they are coming from without taking the experiences or feelings on yourself.


Being an Empath actually takes things a little further where they feels others experiences and emotions and actually take them on as their own. If you are an Empath and you witness someone’s joy or pain, their joy or pain becomes your joy or pain.


When I learned what an Empath was a lightbulb went off. That was describing me!! Maybe something is not wrong with me? Maybe this is a good thing? ….


And you know what?! It is!!!!  It’s amazing now that I know what an Empath is and can take the steps to protect my energy so outside energies do not overwhelm me!  


Empaths are Healers. Nurturers. Amazing Mamas. Sensitive Creative Souls.


Are YOU an Empath?


First things first, ask yourself, are those experiences and feelings (positive or lower vibe) you feel really yours? Can you relate those feelings to something that is related to your personal experience? Or someone or something else’s? Are those feelings you are feeling backed by something that happened OR is it coming out of what seems like nowhere?


If they are truly your feelings then you may not actually be an Empath but just going through a very emotional time. 


If those feelings are definitely not yours then you most likely are an Empath.


Here are 9 signs that you are an Empath:


1. You are highly sensitive & attuned to others emotions and tend to take them on as your own (good & bad). You often listen to people’s energy not their words. 

2. You are naturally giving, understanding and a great listener. You “get” people. People always come to you for advice.  Huge Heart. You feel drawn to help everyone and can give “too much” at times.

3. You get overwhelmed in crowds or by certain spaces or energies. The vibe of a room matters.

4. You are drained by negative people that you may feel physically exhausted. 

5. You are highly intuitive and your “gut” is really accurate. You may even feel things before they happen.

6. You are a target for energy vampires. You have a hard time setting boundaries.

7. You are drawn to nature. Nature nourishes & restores your energy. The weather effects your mood. 

8. You have highly attuned senses (too much noise, smells…) 

9. Seeing tragic events on TV or social media can stop you in your tracks.


To learn more about what it’s like to be an Empath, how to harness this amazing gift and protect your energy, join me in myFacebook community and check out the “Life as an Empath” series in the units section!


I shared a little bit about this also one of my #WellnessWednesday, check it out!


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