Your gut is the foundation of everything

 Your gut is the foundation of everything
There was a long time in my life that I did not trust myself. I had gone through a divorce and had other ill-fated family relationships. Not to mention the opportunities that failed and jobs that were not for me. And every time something did not work out as I has thought it would I questioned myself more and more. That "gut" feeling people talked about was non-existent. 

Enter Reiki into my life. During my Reiki 1 class we were all practicing on each other and I remember thinking "am I doing this right?". I was in my head, totally over thinking every move I made. I asked questions and expressed my thoughts and the teacher told me to stop thinking and feel. So I did my best. 

It felt so weird when I shared the visions I was getting. Then when they confirmed how they resonated, it felt so cool. This was the start to healing my gut.

So often the gut is related to our physical well being because of course it's a physical part of your body. But there is truly so much more to it. Your gut is the foundation of everything. Healthy Gut, Healthy You. Mind, body & soul.

The start to my gut health journey was trusting those feelings that flutter in my belly and leaning into my intuitive connection. Getting out of my head and into my body. Allowing the energy to flow and guide me. 

Now I fully trust my gut, my intuition, my inner knowing, whatever you would like to call it and I have made it my mission to help others do the same. It is something special when I am teaching a Reiki class and one of my clients experiences a new level of trust in themselves. Learn more about Reiki classes here

Working on my intuitive connection and trust is an ongoing evolution. Next step for me is improving the physical gut so that I can enhance my gut, brain, heart connection. That's where Amare comes in. Amare, which literally means Love, prides themselves on being a mental wellness company. Improved mental wellness? Yes please!  And this is accomplished starting in the Gut. I am about 30 days in to my Amare journey as of writing this and already feeling some changes happening. If you are interested in joining me I would love to have a buddy. This is how I got started. And with this link you get $10 off! 

Here is to Trusting your Gut!