I am a mom of two absolutely amazing kids, Ella, 12 and Joseph, 7. One of the biggest advantages of working for myself is that I am able to adjust my schedule so that I can be very involved in their lives and not have to justify the time I spend with them to someone else.  I am a Girl Scout leader, a soccer board member and school volunteer.  I love photography and at one point after taking a bunch of classes I thought that would be where my career took me.  I am an avid reader who still prefers to feel that paper book in my hands, though I do sometimes use a kindle or listen to a book through Audible.  Self development, Spirituality and business are some of my favorite topics.  I am passionate about my Young Living Essential oils and have replaced just about every product you would buy at a pharmacy with their stuff. One day I will own a beach house as the ocean is one of my favorite places to be. I am fortunate to live in New Hampshire where I am close to the beach but also close to the mountains.  Both places are great for meditation which is now a favorite pastime.  I am also now dabbling a little bit in writing which you can see a little in my blog.  My core desired feelings, which I consider when making any decisions in my life are: Freedom, Aligned, Zen, Joy & Disciplined.  

Read a little more about me on my blog.  A couple posts you may like are:  Breaking Free, Finding Joy & My hats don't fit! 

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