Stop Shoulding & Shine

Stop Shoulding & Shine
School starts next week and there are all these things I should be doing.   But guess what?  I am putting them aside to do what lights me up.  

I should be organizing our home and work spaces, updating our schedules, ordering school supplies, buying school clothes, grocery shopping for all the snacks… there are so many things I “should” be doing.  

But what will bring you another step forward towards your goals and dreams?  Will these chores do that?  If so, then great.  In my world, these are not the things that will bring me closer to what I desire in my life.  

So today I write.  Tomorrow I go to the beach with my kids for one last hurrah!  And this weekend I spend time with a good book and a great friend at the beach on our annual (though it’s been a few years) girls weekend. And in between I will get those chores done… All of the tasks will get done. They always do and they are not going anywhere. 

But my life is not going to revolve around them.

My goals and dreams will not come to fruition if I do not fill up my cup first.  My goals depend on me.  Writing fills me up.   Quality time with my kids fills me up.   Girl time fills me up.  And can you tell that the beach fills me up?  Shoulding and shaming myself does NOT fill me up.

My priority to prepare me for the start of the school year is ME!  When I prioritize myself I am the best mom I can be and I am also teaching my kids to prioritize themselves.  Then they are their best selves and able to positively impact others.

Mama first, bring in the kiddos, impact the world.  It’s that simple!  
What is going to replace your list of “should” today?   Allow yourself to shine.

I dive a little more on why putting our "shoulds" aside will help not only us but our families here.

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