My kids were the catalyst...
My kids are the reason I quit my corporate job three years ago and jumped into entrepreneurship.   I had a stable job with lots of benefits, had been working there over eleven years, and I knew that the life of an entrepreneur is far from financially stable. But there was something missing for me…

Even before my kids were born, I always wanted to be the kind of mom that helped them live an amazing life. I was going to do all I could to make sure they had an even better life than I did.  As their mom, I longed for them to have an inner peace and knowledge of who they are. My hope for my kids is that they follow their own path and do what fulfills them, what brings them joy each day.

I didn’t know how they were going to have that kind of life when I was living the opposite. I cared what everyone thought about me, I worried about pleasing everyone, I always put myself last, and I did not enjoy my work. I felt so guilty going to a job that I didn’t love and sending my kids to daycare. I was living in groundhog day and it was eating me up inside. 

All I could think about was that I did not desire for them to feel how I was feeling when they were my age.  

I read so many self-development books on happiness, on parenting, on how to change my life, on losing weight, on making friends, etc. I read and I dreamed. I dreamed of the life we could live, of the mom I could be, of the legacy I desired to leave my kiddos and then it hit me.

I must lead by example. How would they achieve their dream life if I was not going after mine? 

I started to put myself first. I started looking for things that made me happy. I started meditating, journaling and not only reading the self-development books but TAKING ACTION on the steps inside them.  

I started healing and diving into my spirituality and for the first time in at least my adult life I began to understand who I was.   

I owe it to my kids to take care of myself so that I can break the generational cycles so they do not get caught up in them.

And now I have made it my mission in life to help as many other moms live their best life for not only her children but also for her.  When we learn to put mom first then we can teach our children how to truly care for themselves too, disrupting generational patterns and lifting up the energy of this world.  

Oh, and boy and I grateful not to be in that cubicle anymore wishing my life away...

So let me ask you, are you going through the motions of your life, caught up in the minutiae of your day, in pleasing others, in being a great mom or wife or co-worker that you and have lost what truly lights you up?   

Do you desire a better life for your kiddos?

Your first step is to TAKE CARE OF YOU!!!!  Do one thing today that lights you up!!

Then jump on into my community so you can surround yourself with other inspiring, amazing & supportive mamas on a similar journey.  Here is the link: Mama Tribe

Let’s jump out of groundhog day and build inspiring legacies for & with our kiddos!  

Mama first, bring in the kids, change the world.


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