Integrating Your Kids 

                                                    into Your Biz with Ease

Connect   Inspire   Create


Build a business for your kids with your kids

               What will you learn in this course?

*  Ideas to create more balance while working from home so you can avoid burn out & enjoy
more time with your family (I mean really enjoy...with laptop off & phone away)
*  Encouragement to share your work life with your kiddos so they understand why you
spend time away from them & alleviate your mom guilt 
*  Ways your kids can help you work without causing more stress so you don't give up or go
nuts in the process
*  Teach your kids life & business skills not taught in school in order to set them up with choices you never had as a child
*  Helpful tips & ideas that I use with my kiddos that have deepened our connection &   
allowed us to have some fun while we work

  Bonus: Support your child to start their own business

Plus hear from the kids point of view with an appearance from my 2 collaborators! 

Your kids will see theBoss Mom that you are & the Boss they can be (if they choose)!!

Help your child's light shine while helping your business grow! 

Since Implementing this into our life & business:

          *  We are feeling more comfortable sharing our story.  I became an author, both kids are writing their
          own book & we are collaborating on a children's book together
          *  Our Minds are expanding.  My daughter has started her own business & is continuing to
          brainstorm what else she would enjoy doing.
          *  Confidence is building.  We started a group for preteens that my daughter helps to lead!! 
          *  We are dreaming more as a family & setting goals/taking steps to make those dreams come true!
          *  I aspire to create a legacy I love for my kids with my kids by my side... and it is happening!!!    

Amazing Right?


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