My Favorite Resources


Please note that I do receive compensation for some of these items if they are purchased through the links below.  
I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!!


Mama Mindset Journal
Digital Download
Created by Jill Coletti.  Includes Daily Journal pages with sections for Gratitude, Positive Affirmations, Intention Setting & Free Writing. List of Journal Prompts also included.  Available via digital download.

Resources to teach kids important life skills and positive mindset

I stumbled upon this amazing company a couple of years ago and since have purchased and downloaded a few of their products including growth mindset and challenges kit to name a couple.  They have journals, printables, posters and more to help kids & families develop a positive growth mindset & more.  

The kids and I have done many of the activities together AND I used a bunch of them too when I ran summer camp.  Not only do the kids get a lot out of the activities but so do I.  I can not say enough great things!




Planner to help you live with more intention

I have used many different planners throughout my life and currently I am loving the daily one by Day Designer.  It has space for all my appointments throughout theday and also a to do list, my top 3, dinner & gratitude.  Plus pages for planning that includes a look at values, goals, ideal days plus monthly and yearly layouts too!

There are so many fun styles and different layouts too!

If you are looking for a simple planner that is pretty plus helps you live your days with a little more intention, this is a great choice!



Getting crafty & creative with some help
The kids and I have really enjoyed using our Cricut for projects from making cards
to gifts to tshirts to school projects.  There is so much that can be done with the cricut...ideas are endless!  Their blog has many great ideas and what we love about it is how personal you can be.  Their website has templates you can use or you can create your own.


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