Monthly Women's Circle
Discover the power of unity and wellness at our Monthly Women's Circle, a gathering designed to empower, enlighten, and nurture the soul. Join us under the banner of sisterhood to delve into discussions, share experiences, and explore the transformative properties of nature's most potent offering—essential oils

What to Expect

-** Circle Opening & Energy Activation:** We will begin by centering, setting intentions and connecting our energy together in circle.  (I do ask that you be on time so we can connect all our energies together and not disrupt the energetic connection once we are in circle. If you know you will be late just give me a heads up and we will adjust the circle accordingly.)

- **Sharing Circle with Themed Conversations:** Each month, we focus on topics central to our well-being and growth as spiritual women. From self-care and managing stress to cultivating joy and empowering our dreams, and even constructive venting if that is what you need. Our circle provides a safe and supportive space for open, heartfelt discussions.

- **Spiritual Exploration & Reiki:** Explore & discuss the part spirituality has in our lives. And experience the pure, powerful essence of Reiki. Learn ways to incorporate spirituality and/or Reiki in your daily life for emotional, mental, physical support and well-being for yourself and your family. 

- **Guided Meditation and Reflection:** Harness the power of mindfulness and connection through guided meditation, breathing exercises, and reflective practices designed to center your thoughts and rejuvenate your spirit. We will most likely pull some oracle cards too for additional guidance.

- **Closing Ritual:** We will close out the night by sealing the energy of the evening together.

Who Should Attend:
This circle is open to all women feeling the call for deeper connection— with themselves and with a supportive community of fellow seekers. Engage with a vibrant community of like-minded women. Share your journey, listen to others, and forge meaningful bonds rooted in mutual respect and understanding.Whether you're new to this type of self-care or a seasoned enthusiast, there's a place for you here in our circle.

What to Bring
- An open heart and an open mind
- A notebook or journal & pen for reflections
- Your water bottle for hydration or your favorite mug for herbal tea (tea provided!)
- A blanket if you choose & any items that spark joy or creativity within you. 

Investment in Yourself
You will choose the amount that energetically matches your intentions and feels balanced to you. (once you register you will be directed to the payment link or feel free to bring cash the night of)

Let's come together to celebrate and support each other in our unique journeys, creating stronger, more empowered versions of ourselves through the wisdom of connection and the power of community.

Registration required so that we can include you in the intention setting for the evening. 
Spaces are limited to maintain an intimate setting, so secure your spot as soon as you can.  If you would like to join in same day, contact Jill to let her know so we set up for you! 

Where women gather, magic happens.🌿✨

For inquiries or last minute changes, please contact Jill at