Ignite Your Light

Full Day Immersion Series 
Inspiring You to Shine

"Light must come from inside. You cannot ask the darkness to leave; you must turn on the light.”   

– Sogyal Rinpoche

There is a light inside you that is ready to Shine!!

Sometimes you just need a little help to find it.

Join Delia & Jill for a day of spiritual connection focused on you & your light.

Our first Ignite Your Light day was such a blessing that we decided to continue with a seasonal series.

First Up this Winter: Manifest

Saturday, January 28, 2023  10am-5pm 

Upcoming in the series (specific dates TBD):

Spring: Believe
Summer: Honor

Fall: Reflect

You are welcome to come to one or all of the series.  

Each day is planned to embrace what the season brings us and is led intuitively as to bring to each soul attending what they need in that moment in time.

The series will flow from one to the next and if you attend all they will build upon and connect with each other. (and there is a discount if you attend them all)

See what people are saying:

2022 was not the year most had hope it would be.

The words we keep hearing when discussing last year with people are: Chaotic, Unfocused, Unintentional.

Do you feel the same?

Are you ready to shift that energy in 2023?

Come in from the chaos of the outside world and make some time for you. 

We know you. You are busy doing for everyone around you and you don't leave much time for yourself. Do you?

You desire more for you (& your family) but you've lost your sparkle and not sure how to get it back.

This is your permission to spend time finding what lights you up from the inside.

Spend a day full of
Peace & Tranquility 
Connection & Community 
Fulfillment & Spirituality

Here's what we'll do together:

Find deep connection with yourself in a small, safe & inspirational community setting.


Guided Meditation & Group Reiki Chakra Healing

Intention Setting:  Letting go of what no longer serves you AND being open to receive what does.

Group Reading & Connection to Spirit 
(individual readings may happen but can not be guaranteed)

 Plus, in our January series, we will focus intentions on the theme


You will be guided in intention setting for the upcoming year to help you gain clarity of what you truly desire

We will nourish our creative side as we cultivate Vision Boards fused with the energy of those intentions

You will cultivate deep connection with yourself, your dreams and desires

You will go home with a calm, clear mind and next steps to help those dreams come true

And you will have some cheerleaders to support you too!

Ready to Ignite the Light Within?

The full day immersion experience for just $333.
Or you can “Glow It Up” ~
Extend the healing and manifestation after the immersion by adding one-on-one time or a private combined session
with your hosts!
That is your choice of:
a private 1 hour session with Jill & a private 1 hour session with Delia
a 1-1/2 hour combined private session with both hosts, Jill and Delia  
which may include: Reiki healing, a reading, coaching or a combination of these healing energies 
to dive deeper and continue your personal healing journey after the event!
“Glow It Up” option for only $555 !!!

(the future sessions will be schedule with Jill & Delia after the event)

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Meet your hosts

Jill Coletti
Evolve with Jill LLC
Jill Coletti is a high vibe mama of two who pours her heart into everything she does. When she is not on a soccer or lacrosse field cheering her kids on, she can be found helping people pleasing moms who feel unfulfilled to reconnect with themselves so that they can design a life they love with their family.

Jill is a Reiki Master Teacher, Multidimensional Energy Healer, Spiritual Life Coach & Published Author.  After a personal healing journey that inspired her to make changes in her life that helped her and her family feel more love, joy & fulfillment, she left her corporate career to start her own business focused on helping other families heal too. 

Now she's on a mission to help families everywhere break generational patterns so they can achieve more balance and fulfillment in their lives and impact the world in a positive way. 

Mama First, Bring in the Kids, Impact the World!
Delia Bugley
The Mother's Healing Touch, LLC
Delia is a naturally born, heartfelt Medium, Empath, Psychic, Spiritual Advisor, and Energy Worker who has seen and communicated with the spirit realms since she was a young child. Delia founded “The Mother’s Healing Touch, LLC” in order to further utilize her skills as a Psychic and Evidential Medium, but also to create empowering and spiritually healing-infused dream pillows along with healing sachets. 
Widely sought after, Delia has a well-known reputation of assisting people who are grieving in finding healing and closure. To that end, Delia has been blessed with the gift of receiving and relaying messages from our loved ones who are no longer in the physical body. With great sensitivity and kindness, Delia provides her clients with a special moment and detailed evidence that will illustrate the continuity of their loved one’s life after the physical death.
With the understanding that one neither “commands” nor “demands” of Spirit, Delia uses her gifts to encourage communication from the other side, while knowing that a specific spirit may not wish to come through during your session. 
Delia relays answers, messages, and heartfelt feelings with sensitivity and love from the spirit realms to those of us who are here on Earth. Through her gifts, her clients once again feel embraced by their loved one’s individual quirks, unique and endearing personality traits, and love, which truly never ends.