Does your daughter 
*struggle with self-confidence?
*have a hard time developing daily routines?
*look for something fun & uplifting to do after school?
*desire to connect with other positive inspiring girls her age? 

The High Vibe Girl Tribe may just be that thing for her!

Come join us for one of our upcoming meetings and find out.

The intention of the tribe is to help each girl deepen her sense of self

Self Love & Confidence: To learn the importance of self care & filling her cup first. To believe in herself, follow her heart & trust her gut.

Connection & Inspiration: To build a community of girls who inspire each other, lift each other up & also push each other to be their best selves.

Kindness & Positive Energy: To share positive energy & kindness with each other and through the community and work around them through simple acts with hopes of some larger projects as well.

What will your daughter gain from the group?

We are excited to announce that the High Vibe Girl Tribe is back & will meet in person at Lottie-Pops Family Boutique on Main Street in Goffstown. (if your daughter is interested and unable to attend in person please message me, Zoom can be an option)
There are two groups of girls based on age. Each group will meet twice a month with the option to drop in for one class or participate for the whole month at a discounted rate.
We meet the 1st & 3rd Wednesday each month. 

Elementary Age Girls (ages 7-10) from 3:45-5pm.
Middle School Age Girls (ages 10-14) from 5:15-6:30pm. 

We know some girls will be coming from sports or other after school activities. They are welcome to bring
their dinner and/or snacks to eat during the meeting.  (warming them up is even available)
Ready to sign up your daughter?

$20 per class 
$33 for the month(2 classes)
(monthly option also have access to online vault that will be updated with things we review in the meetings plus other content and payment is recurring until cancelled)

A little about me (Jill) & why the tribe was created


I am a former corporate employee turned spiritual entrepreneur & mama of 2 amazing kiddos.  
I rediscovered myself after kids & divorce through self-reflection, spirituality & intentional living.  

When I began instilling simple daily practices into my routine & sharing them with my kiddos, 
I noticed a huge change in the energy of our household.  

Then a pandemic hit. We could not see our friends and our routines were all out of whack. 
Those daily practices and the self-care tools that we had learned became ever more important.
I was already sharing these practices and tools with adults (mostly women & moms) so my daughter & I brainstormed about how we could share then with girls her age.  So since there was no after-school activities we thought let's start a club to help. The name came to me in a meditation.  The High Vibe Girl Tribe was formed to help middle school girls connect with one another and build each other up during a pandemic.

I imagine the amazing life my daughter (& son too!) can create for themselves by learning & using the 
daily practices & tools that took me 40 years to find. I hope they will love themselves more now than I did at 
their age. That they will realize it is not only important to put themselves first but it is crucial not 
only for themselves but for everything & everyone around them. 

I desire to help girls discover tools that allow them to create a life they love, starting NOW, at their young age. 
Tools that build self-love, confidence & connection. 

I dream for every girl (child) to know their worth in this world & feel confident shining their light BRIGHT.
My hope is that The High Vibe Girl can help not only the girls that I connect with but also their families, friends & community. Spreading kindness & positive energy throughout the world.

Simple concept, BIG dream!

A little more about what this tribe is all about! 
In this video, I share how this idea came to fruition & my intentions for the group.
(keep in mind that this was recorded in 2020 when we met weekly via zoom, some adjustments have been made since)

Here is what some of the parents & girls are saying.



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