Do you feel a little lost?  Like you don't know who you are anymore, other than being a mom?  

Are you living in groundhog day?  Lacking the pep in your step?

I get it.... I was there not so long ago!  


What if I told you that incorporating some simple spiritual practices into your day could improve your life forever?

In the Spiritual Mamas program I share simple practices that I myself use at home and in my daily life. These practices helped me to find myself again.  They helped me to work through the mom guilt, start taking care of myself first and live more intentionally.  Self-care is not selfish.  Once I made this change for myself, not only did my life improve but so did my children's.  And they told me so! First thing first was ME.  Then once I started sharing my spiritual practices and intentional living ideas with my children our connection with each other has deepened, we have some of the best conversations, we find more joy each day and we love harder.

I have made it my mission to share this way of life with as many other Mamas as I can!

What if you felt you had more control of your day?  

How would your life improve if you were more present?

The Spiritual Mamas program shares mindfulness tips, inspiration and practical guidance on how to incorporate spiritual & intentional living practices into your (& your family's) daily life to help calm the chaos.

Along with the program, I lead a private Facebook community of Spiritual Mamas where we connect, support and inspire each other.  We love on each other, lift each other up and empower one another! I also host private group healing circles, intuitive card readings, and get togethers for all the mamas!

To me, Spirituality is concern with the human spirit, with our souls. Spirituality is a sense of connection to something larger than ourselves. It is something that touches us all. Spirituality is a Oneness yet is individual.  And spirituality is forever evolving.


Being a Spiritual Mama is making love the highest priority in life for YOURSELF, your children, family & others. Being a Spiritual Mama is being kind, appreciating individuality and honoring that we are all One. Being a Spiritual Mama is being afraid yet remaining in control of oneself and pushing through that fear. Being a Spiritual Mama is being true to ourselves. Being a Spiritual Mama is inspiring & empowering our children and the community. Being a Spiritual Mama is knowing self-love & self-care must be a priority in order to be the best mama you can be!

Where are you on your journey?

Let’s take that journey together - it’s time Spiritual Mamas Unite!

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