Evolve YOU Session
60-minutes ($99 USD)
 1:1 virtual intuitive coaching session to help empower you to BE YOU at work!  Add YOU to what you DO! 
I am here to help you bring spirituality into your day to day at work, whether you work in corporate for someone else or have your dream business of your own.  I am here to support you as you learn how to confidently follow your intuition; to work from the heart; & to be true to you no matter what you do for work.  
Even if your work does not light you up, you can still light up every day!!! 
During this session we can do whatever you'd like from helping with mindset to brainstorming content ideas to a little more technical stuff like website updates! 
Some activities include:
  • Establishing boundaries & daily rituals at Work
  • Brainstorming (course ideas, biz names, etc)
  • Customizing your Get Oiling or Wix website (troubleshooting, etc)
  • Connect the dots of your life & work through your Spirituality
  • Figuring out how work fits into your “big picture” life
  • Mindset Work (meditation, breathing techniques, intention setting, self care practices, reiki, oils & more…)
  • Learn to lead with your intuition

Evolve Check-In
30-minutes ($59 USD)
1:1 Virtual Intuitive Coaching Session to help empower you in your business!
When time is tight or you just could use a little pick me up! We can do whatever you’d like from mindset to a quick brainstorm to technical help on something for work to meditation. 

Evolve YOU & Reiki Combo
90-minutes ($149 USD)
1:1 Virtual Intuitive Coaching & Reiki Combo Session to help clear blocks & create intentions for your life/business.  You set the tone for what you would like to discuss & we will tap into our intuition for guidance.

Coaching & Reiki Bundle
5 60-minute sessions ($444 USD)
Included in this bundle:
5 Sessions broken down as desired
     i.e. 3x 60-mins coaching calls & 2x 60-mins Reiki Sessions
     or  1x 60-mins coaching call & 4x 60-mins Reiki Sessions
     or  5x 60 mins coaching calls

You design the package to suit your current situation.



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